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Zoom room 3rd party teams meeting camera issue


So we finally got our Zoom rooms to be able to work with Teams meeting invites.  But in one specific room, the camera zooms all the way out as soon as the Teams meeting is started by the external attendee who sent the invite.  While we are waiting to get into the meeting, it shows the camera, mute, and custom controls options on the teams windows on the screen, but on the polycom controller, there are no options to make any adjustments, its just a white screen saying waiting for meeting to start (or something like that).  


Question is, how can i set the default zoom level for the camera for 3rd party teams meetings in a zoom room?  OR if that cannot be done, is there anyway to get a mouse connected through the polycom controller so we can try and select the "custom controls" option while waiting for the meeting to start?



No one else has experienced this?  I really just need to set the default zoom level for 3rd party join meetings somehow.