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Zoom Rooms keeps closing (despite settings to be always-on)


We have 3 Zoom Rooms setup in our facilities, all on Windows computers (2 are Windows 10, and one is Windows 11), and all 3 use an iPad for the Zoom Rooms Controller app.


Upon installing Zoom Rooms on the Windows 10 computers, we chose settings to ensure that Zoom Rooms would never turn off, i.e., giving permission to the Zoom Rooms app to restart the computer, allowing the account hosting Zoom Rooms to auto-login, and all other settings presented during installation that help Zoom Rooms be always-on. We have not yet configured these settings on the Windows 11 computer.


Albeit these settings worked for a while, over the past few weeks I've found the Zoom Rooms application is off every time I visit one of our facilities with a Zoom Room installed on a Windows 10 computer.


This is a big problem because we do not want to leave a mouse and keyboard out since it's possible for users to log out of the account hosting the Zoom Rooms application. But we have been leaving a mouse out so people can double-click and start the Zoom Rooms application.


Just this morning one of our users had to use the mouse to start Zoom Rooms, subsequently found the keyboard, accidentally logged themselves out of the profile hosting Zoom Rooms, and required staff to visit the facility to log them back in. This also delayed the user's ability to start their class.


It's worth noting that I've also changed the Zoom Rooms passcode, at the chance someone was using the passcode to exit Zoom Rooms, since you cannot close the app without the passcode, but the app is still closing somehow.


I tried locating logs or something I could use to troubleshoot but could not find any such records. The service logs seem to only include info on the iPad's battery.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.