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Zoom Rooms and wandering Waiting Room


We have zoom rooms at two campuses.   An instructor has set up their zoom meeting and scheduled it so it will automatically start.   The zoom meeting does put participants into a waiting room.   The meeting is between two zoom rooms on both campuses, and occassional students who need to connect from home.    The instructor has been in a position on several occassions where the remote non-instructor zoom room site will be required to admit the instructor and the participants in the room with them and their site.     Both campuses are set to permit the  zoom rooms to co-host meetings.    this is the one instance where the instructor is instructing from Site B to Site A, rather than vice versa, and that is immediately after a class teaching from Site A to a different zoom room at Site B.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @bseppanen


 Have you attempted to create an event in your calendaring system and invite both Zoom Rooms to the event as participants? That way, your profile settings will apply to the meeting rather than the Zoom Rooms settings. Also, if the Zoom Rooms are not configured with calendaring integration settings, then the Rooms would be looked at as outside of your account and would join the meeting as guests, which could also cause issues like this. 


Zoom Rooms were designed to be integrated with calendaring systems, and although you can use them in different use cases, they work better under those configurations. 


I am happy to help you get this going if you desire assistance. Still, our support documentation has the configurations for many of the more popular calendering systems on the market. 




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