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Zoom Rooms NDI - Not outputting telephone audio




I am using Zoom Rooms NDI function to do live video production however we cannot seem to get the audio from a participant that dials in via audio (telephone). It works fine with participants who join the meeting from a device such as a laptop or computer but not when they dial-in from their phones. 


Please do not suggest that they use the Zoom app on their phone as this is not a viable solution for my workflow. They need to be able to call into the meeting and this audio be picked up via NDI. 


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Dwayne.


That sounds like a bug. I would recommend you reach out directly to tech support and open a ticket. If it is a bug, it needs fixing, if it is not, troubleshooting will find the root cause.


You can open a ticket through here: 





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