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Zoom Room needs Service Account M365


Trying to setup a Zoom Room Device with a Room Calender Resource in Exchange online.

Instruction says – create service account with license and permission to the resource account (room):

  • Before you can add a calendar service for Zoom Rooms, an Office 365 administrator must create a dedicated service account user in Office 365 for the integration, create or locate a calendar resource for each Zoom Room, and then configure the dedicated service account user and the calendar resources for either impersonation or delegate access
  • service account user must be a licensed user in Office 365 with a mailbox

But why the service account, why not use the resource account directly? Not sure what I am missing.



Office 365 admin to add the calendar service to Zoom
Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
In the navigation menu, click Room Management then Calendar Integration.
Under Calendar Integration, click Add a Calendar Service.
In the Select a Calendar Service window, select Office 365.

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

When you have multiple Zoom Rooms then you only need one (O365 licensed) service account with as many (unlicensed) room resource accounts as you need.

If you only have one Zoom Room, then you could use the same account, but I'd plan for the future...

Hi, What admin role needs to be applied to the service account? I tried the exchange admin but that gave an error.