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Zoom Room email alerts


I have several ZoomRooms that have been set up with a Neatpad. They have been configured to send the IT team a message when the camera, microphone, speakers or the power is disconnected. Is there a buffer for the time it takes for the email to be sent? After running some tests, I noticed that after unplugging a Neatpad the email alert was only sent around 30 minutes later.  Is this normal behavior?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

This is normal behavior, the Zoom cloud will query each device periodically. If the device does not respond back within 30 minutes the Zoom cloud will trigger the email event to the configured recipient. This time frame is to reduce false positive results, such as a device reboot or device being unplugged from the network for a short period of time. Example ethernet cable being replaced.   

I'm still a bit confused we have 2 offices with several ZoomRooms in each. In office 1 we get a response time of around 7 minutes from the time a microphone is disconnected until we get an alert. In office 2 it takes around 30 minutes. Do you know why this is? For our needs that quickest response time would be ideal.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Depending on the alert types (critical or warning), an email alert will be sent out 5 minutes later, provided the device is not back online within five minutes. No alert is sent if the device is back online within 5 minutes. When the same alert appears more than once within 12-hour period, the email alert will be sent out once only (for the earliest one). 


Two types of alerts are defined: critical and warning. Both alerts will be sent out via email notification to the email recipients. 


This falls inline with your office 1 devices, 5 minutes trigger, upto 5 minutess to send the email. 


Is office 2 using the same hardware as office 1? Are they both running the same ZR software? 

If the answer to both is yes, then I would suggest raising a support ticket with Zoom support, they can investigate through logs when the Zoom cloud was notified of the device status change.