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Zoom Room Co-Host


Hi there,

We are using Zoom rooms and require that each meeting for the zoom room, the room should either be a host or co-host. 

I have enabled the settings that when Room joins before host and any other participants, it become a host. But I am having issues if another participant joins before the room then Room does not become a host. 

one solution would be to invite Zoom room as an alternative host from meeting invite, but it appears that Zoom Rooms uses a default (auto-generated email) for the room and there is no option to assign / replace that email with the room calendar email.  above can be achieved using a web portal but it is not that convenient. 


Any ideas would be appreciated .




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Y_Baig, with that setting enabled, no host is assigned until the Zoom Room joins or the initial host of the meeting joins. Was Host assigned to the Zoom Room when a host joined from a Room? If you haven't already suggest looking into the KB on Joining a meeting before the host in a Zoom Room


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