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Zoom Email // Someone I don't know has entered my Personal Meeting Room


I got an email from Zoom today, (address looks legit), saying that "Gabriel Alan Burruel" has entered my personal meeting room. 


I don't know this person.


Is it a) scam OR b) a common thing that happen if someone accidentally enters the wrong number?

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 11.31.50 am.png



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @CarlaR –


I certainly don’t think this is common, but it is worrisome. 

My first question would be, do you make the URL to your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) available to other people via social media, web sites, or other easily accessible means?  If so, and you only have a passcode for security, anyone with access to that URL can get into the room if you also have Waiting Room turned off, since the URL has the passcode embedded in it. 


 With the latest Zoom security measures, if you don’t have a passcode, you have to have Waiting Run turned on. If Waiting Room is on, nobody can get into the room, unless you let them in after you join. So that’s not the issue. 

I would recommend changing the passcode on your PMI. This will invalidate any URL that already exists on the internet. Then, for extra security, turn Waiting Room on OR turn off the option to Join before host

Read this Zoom Support article for some additional ideas and information. 

Try to only share your PMI URL with trusted individuals; change the passcode frequently, like monthly. And schedule meetings without your PMI whenever possible. 

Thanks for asking – always good to learn a little more about security measures. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks Ray. It's very odd, as I've never used my PMI (that I can think of) and only share meeting (with meeting rooms) in emails to known colleagues, (never socials) that is wierd.


Either way, I've changed the passcode for the PMI and checked that waiting room is still on.


Appreciate your support. Ta.



I had the same thing happen to me today - at 2am! weird. 


This happened to me today, I also have never publicly shared my URL.  She sat on the call for 56 minutes alone and recorded it as I got the copy of it.  Presumably waiting for me to join out of curiosity?