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Zoom Controller on a iPad now changed to a white background screen



We have a number of iPads running as Zoom Room Controllers

All were running with the standard blue background, but recently a couple are now showing with a white background

And I can not work out why ?

Anyone else come across this ??



Same issue here, possibly a new update. 


This happened to me a few weeks ago, I believe its a new update. Some combination of updating/reinstalling the zoom app and/or updating iPad updated all of ours to the white background.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi,  annaylor2812

I also noticed a change in the screen display when I updated the app last week.
When I updated the app last week, I noticed that the screen display had changed.
I was able to do one thing, so I don't think the functionality has changed.


It was part of a recent update, I was halfway through migrating 31 rooms over to a Sub account when I found out it had changed. One day all was well and the next the screen resembled the desktop app.

FYI, the new screen has issues. Where we used to be able to select multiple users/rooms and could add or remove them now I can only add one at a time.

Also, once you have selected a room/user, you cannot remove them if you decide you don't want to invite them.

I had a ticket open with Zoom when i found it and I have not updated any of the other rooms yet  but I was told it was to make the rooms look more like the desktop.

I am waiting until Zoom fixes the issue I had before updating any controller software.


Version that was affected is 5.9.0 for an iOS device running the controller app