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Zoom 3rd party conferencing support


I am working on getting the zoom 3rd party conferencing support setup with our zoom rooms. We are a google workspace shop and we are using iPads as zoom room controllers. 
We'd like to have an outside organization have the ability to add our zoom room as a guest in their Teams/Webex/BlueJeans/etc meeting invitation and for that meeting to show up on our iPad.
We have the "Support 3rd party conferencing dial-in for Zoom Rooms" setting enabled in our rooms.
We are pulling the resource email from the google admin portal and adding this as a guest in the meeting but we are not seeing the meeting come up in the resource calendar or zoom room.

Any ideas on what we could be missing here?




Note Taker

Hi,  ericm


I am experiencing the same phenomenon.

It seems to be a bug and will be fixed.
For the time being, the following workaround is available
If you enable the Room Meeting ID in the Meeting tab of the Room Settings, the calendar will display correctly.



Hi Ohkawa,
Thank you for the reply. We have this setting already enabled but it looks like there are no changes to the issue we are having. 
Are you currently able to add a zoom room email address to a non-zoom meeting and it shows up on your zoom room controller?


Hi, ericm


The invited meeting schedule will appear in the controller.
However, if it is a meeting that ZoomRooms cannot participate in (e.g., Google Meet), the schedule will only be displayed, but the join icon will not appear.

Hi Ohkawa,
Still searching for a solution. Are you using google workspace or Microsoft exchange? Are you creating the event in the calendar application? Can you use the conferencing application to create the event and add the zoom room email address as a guest?

Hi, ericm


The calendar that works with our Zoom Room is Google.
Our 3rd party conference is on Teams.
Conference invitations are sent out from Outlook.
In this case, the above has worked well.


However, even if the 3rd party conference is in Teams, if the Zoom Rooms device is an appliance (Android device such as Neat or Poly), the 3rd party conference cannot be attended.

If the 3rd party conference is Webex, we have heard that we need to set up a connector, but we have never done this, so we don't know exactly how to do it.

Not sure if you can attend if the 3rd party conference is a Google Meet or Blue Jeans.

Hi Ohkawa,
Thank you for your replies.
When you are sending the invitations from outlook, are you using the calendar feature and adding a room or are you creating an event through an email and using the conference room's sudo resource email address in the "To" field?


Hi, ericm

Unfortunately, I do not know what sudo is.

I simply send the meeting invitation to the address of the calendar that is linked to Room.