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ZDM Update Questions


Hello Everyone,


Our company has all of our Windows and iPads configured via ZDM. We have consistently had issues where iPads, Room Schedulers but mainly Controllers, do not reconnect to the Zoom Room. Our Zoom Room PCs have auto login enabled. The issue seems to have gotten worse in the past 6 months where this is happening more frequently after updating the Zoom Controller app on the iOS device. All of our iPads are running iOS 15.2 and they all have ASAM enabled. We have tested removing ASAM with no discernable difference. We also do not have a passcode on the iOS devices.


I've reached out to Zoom support and they are usually great but it seems like ZDM is not one of the things that they spend much time supporting. I usually just get an IDK response when asking any ZDM related questions. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.





I believe it was with iOS 14 where Apple introduced the "Local Network" permission. As this is an iOS permission, you will need to manually enable the permission on each iOS device. Without the permission enabled, the iOS device can not communicate with other Zoom Room hardware.


Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Select the apps you want to enable the permission for


I'm experiencing a similar issue.  On a daily basis, we have to walk around and launch the zoom room controller app on a large number of our ipads.  The iPads are sitting at the home screen doing nothing.  I haven't deteremined if this is due to a drop of wifi, app update, IOS update or when the room goes offline the iPad closes the app.  Very frustrating...