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Workspace Reservation for Zoom App on Android


Our users report that they are not able to access Workspace Reservations when using the Zoom app on Android devices. They don't see Workspace Reservation within the app and are therefore unable to reserve a workspace, check in, check out, etc. In contrast, our users with Apple iOS devices are having no issues.


I was under the impression that Workspace Reservations could be made and accessed on Android devices and the documentation I have found seems to indicate that it should work.


I'd appreciate any guidance that others can offer to get this working. For the time being, we are having affected users access Workspace Reservation through the Zoom website or desktop app, but would like to enable Android access if possible. Thank you!



We have this problem too.  I finally got zoom support to listen to us and they now see the issue too on their side.  Hoping for a fix soon. 

This was their correspondence.  Please raise a ticket on this as well.


"Providing you with an update on this, our Engineering Team is currently working to resolve this missing workspace reservation on the android mobile client, they will be releasing a fix for this issue, I will let you know once I got an update from them."


Thank you for confirming @RigelNav. I will submit a ticket today.