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Is there any documentation on what the logic is when there are multiple recipients for a Kiosk?  If for example all 4 recipients are online and green, will it call the first name entered in the portal? Is it completely random? If a recipient is on another Zoom call, will the virtual receptionist still try to call through and the recipient has to choose whether to answer the new video call request or not?  Looking for any kind of documentation around the logic of a multi-recipient setup and how to coach these recipients on how to set their status to manage the answering tree better.  TIA


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, SteveO620


We had the same question and tested it out!
It seems that the first name entered in the portal is called.
We heard that there have been requests to be able to call the four people entered in the portal at the same time, so let's wait and see if this is improved in the near future.
For the time being, the first registrant's account allows him/her to sign in to three devices (PC, tablet, and phone) and receive calls in three locations. This is not inherently a good thing, but we think it's unavoidable.

Seems like the "Video Engagement Center" is going to be Zoom's answer to this.  Beta in November and GA in Jan 2022. The ability to really manage it as a video call center.  Would still be great to know what the logic is on this included feature, though as it sounds like the Video Engagement Center may be an upsell.

I had a different experience with my tests today.  We have a Virtual Receptionist setup on a DTEN in Milan, and wanted to have four different contacts from the single button.  I was hoping it would be like a 'round robin', where we set the priority of recipients.  Then, it would call the first one if available, if they're busy or no answer, try the next, and so on.  

I tried it this morning, added myself and two others from my team, I was first.  We were all online and available, but it only called my colleague who was the second entry.  It did not dial myself or the other user at all after four tests calls.  

I would also like to know the Logic behind this, as the only option I can see really, is to setup each user on a separate button, but then the user has to make multiple calls to get someone if the first don't answer.  

According to a conversation this morning w/Zoom support it sounds as though you will be able to prioritize receptionists and that ranking will determine who gets called first. A deal breaker for us could be the 3 minute time out before it rolls over to the next person in line, that's far too long to stand and wait for someone to pick up, 30 secs would be the max amount IMO. I wish that you had the ability to drop a visitor into a waiting room as soon as they connect to a receptionist ( I was told that it works but it's not working for us) just so the person on the receiving end has a few seconds to compose, that would be better than just letting it ring, at least the visitor would know that someone is picking up. 


Hi Steve and Ohkawa,

This is really interesting.  We're an advice organisation, and have been running a trial using DTENs and Zoom Rooms in kiosk mode, with the equipment in various community centres.  Our sticking point is precisely the lack of 'call queue' functionality as we need to integrate calls from these devices into a wider queue to resource them properly.   We made a feature request in August, and it sounds like this may be what we've been waiting for.   Can you point me to where I'd find out more about this?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, Peter


I heard "follow the Zoom blog".

Zoom Blog

 I follow Release Notes – Zoom Support

, because I want to know as soon as possible.



Being able to configure a kiosk button to join a meeting would be great for something like a new employee orientation, training or a webinar. 


I have a random question, I am setting up the Virtual Receptionist and on the Kiosk tab I don't see a action button and whenever I save it says "Please configure the receptionist in order to save" How do I do that? Do I have to have zoom phone feature to use virtual receptionist?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, TwitchedOut


It seems bug.

This phenomenon seems to be happening this week.

If you check the "Workspace" checkbox, you will be able to set up a Receptionist.
Once set, you can uncheck Workspace.



The strange thing is this option is greyed out for me. Not sure what is going on here.