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Usability of entering breakout room


We host a non-profit speeddating event on Zoom from time to time. It works quite well, we have up to 100 participants per event. The event has several rounds, in each round we show a table where participants can look-up what breakout room they have to enter next.


We experienced that the usability of entering the breakout rooms is suboptimal. The problem occurs when 100 participants try to enter 50 distinct breakout rooms at the same moment. Every time someone enters a breakout room, the name of the participant is listed below the room name. As a consequence, the list of rooms is shifted down. This mechanism makes it hard for other participants to "catch" their breakout room. Sometimes participants entered the wrong room (room list shifted when they clicked) or it took 1-2 minutes to enter the designated room. This was frustrating for participants as time is crucial in a speeddating event. 😉


Thus, we want to ask if there is any chance you can enhance the usability for this use case. This are our ideas:

1) Option (for the host) to avoid listing the participant names below the breakout room name.

2) Text field where the user can enter the number of the room-to-be-entered.

3) Possibility to update pre-assignment to breakout rooms during the meeting.


Thanks for your consideration!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Phil_278, appreciate the feedback on the experience with our breakout rooms! If you don't mind sharing this to we'd love to see your ideas implemented within the near future! Thanks!


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