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Upgrade from 5.9.4 to 5.13.5 with Trio 8800 bricks room


Hey all!  Anyone have Windows 10 zoom room app with a trio 8800 controller setup?  We moved from 5.9.4 to 5.13.5 on the zoom rooms app and also from 7.2.1 to 7.4.1 on the trio 8800s.  When we did that, all devices (including the Crestron display) say "cannot connect to zoom room" now.  

Went through the standard troubleshooting stuff in the documentation without resolution.  Thinking something changed from 5.9.4 to 5.13.5 that may be triggering windows firewall all the sudden?  I don't have permissions in my corp to look at logs, but beyond that anyone else run into this issue with this similar setup?  

Stumped and looking for direction... thanks!