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Updating the iOS on ZoomRoom Controller iPads


We use Mobile Iron to place into and out of Kiosk (Device Management)


When we update the iOS on the iPads they always come to a screen where you have to (Physically) press the 'Home' Button on the front of the iPad, and then 'Continue' like 3 times before it will proceed to Kiosk-mode and run the ZoomRoom Controller Application.


Is there a way to bypass those three screens on updating the iOS so we do not have to physically touch each iPad in our organization? (like 67 of them)



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Mark,

It sounds like you are referring to enabling/disabling Guided Access. This is an IOS thing, not Zoom. You could potentially turn off guided access but then the user would be able to exit the Zoom app and use your Ipads as a normal Ipad and not just as the kiosk.

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It's not Guided Access, we don't use that - we use Mobile Iron to put them into 'Kiosk' Mode (like GA but centrally controlled).  Thanks though!