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Upcoming meetings are not showing on desktop app


My upcoming meetings appear on the webiste, but they don't show up neither on my desktop app nor my tablet app. I can only see "recurring meetings". All these meetings were created on the Zoom website, so this is not a problem related to syncing calendars. And I created them, I'm the host, so they were supposed to appear there, right? Or am I missing something? How can I fix this problem? Thanks in advance!



I experienced this today as well. I don’t have a solution but I want to add more info. We use DTEN devices (think of it as a giant iPad mounted to the wall that stays logged into Zoom). The DTEN was only showing the recurring meetings. The meeting that I needed was not on the menu. I logged onto the account using my laptop & Chrome and could see it. I went to the DTEN and hit Join and typed in the meeting ID and it started the meeting as the host rather than join as a participant. So the meeting is there, it’s just not showing on the display and that’s a real problem.