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Unable to find and install newest version for my Chromebook, zoom instructions not working


I have a Chromebook. I think the version of Zoom on it is from Dec. 2022. I recall updating Zoom on my laptop after that date, so I think this version on my Chromebook is old. My video keeps freezing on and off - it's choppy. So is the audio. I know it's not the internet connection because the internet is fine with doxy, another video platform I use. The instructions on the Zoom website say to click on my photo then click on check for updates, but when I click on my photo the only things that show up are my name, email address, and the words "Plans and billing" and "sign out". I've tried searching for information everywhere and am getting no where. Meanwhile paying for a service I can't use.... Hoping someone can point me in the right direction! Thank you! PS I have no idea what location to choose, so I hope people in this group can help.