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Ultrasonic Pair Zoom Room


I have a NeatPad as a controller in a Zoom room, and the join from a room has stopped functioning in my rooms with NeatPads as controllers, and the ultrasonic pairing control is no longer on the device. All my Zoom Rooms with Ipad controllers work fine with the ultrasonic pairing. Anyone have the same issue?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, @MG8 


Try to update the Zoom Room and ZR controller to the latest version. Check if it works then.

If you still get issues, get in touch with Zoom tech support.


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We also have this problem. Three Samsung Tab A8 and five Newline Touchscreens. I've had this work seemlessly before with Logitech Rally equipment but these other options are failing at this time.

I was using Samsung A8s and other android tablets, but they don't have a Zoom supported ultrasonic sensor. To get ultrasonic pairing to work, I've needed to use an iPads in PC based rooms or Logitech Tap in a room with a Logitech Rally bar.