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Hi.  I have a room set up so that a hybrid meeting can take place.  I need the computer to boot into Zoom with the appropriate camera, microphone etc all configured BUT also give the flexibility to change things during the session where required.  How can I set things up so that it boots into the standard configuration every time rather than remembering the configuration the last user left it in?  Some meetings will have an experienced zoom operator to control things but others might not have any technical expertise apart from the ability to start it up.  It is very important for the non-expert user that it starts up in a consistent fashion.

The computer is a Windows 11 laptop with the browser configured to remember the log on details and boots straight into Zoom from a shortcut to the meetings link.  



To ensure your Windows 11 laptop consistently boots into Zoom with the desired configuration, you can try creating a custom startup script or using a software Solution  like Windows Task Scheduler. Here's a possible approach:

  1. Open Notepad and create a script that launches Zoom with the appropriate camera, microphone, and other settings configured. Save the file with a .bat extension (e.g., zoom_startup.bat).

  2. Place the .bat file in the Windows startup folder. You can access it by pressing Win + R, typing shell:startup, and hitting Enter. Copy the .bat file into this folder.

  3. Next, configure the script to launch the desired Zoom application and settings. You may need to include command-line options or use automation tools like AutoHotkey to ensure the correct configuration.

  4. Additionally, you can configure Windows Task Scheduler to run the script at startup. Open Task Scheduler, create a new task, and set it to trigger on system startup. Point the task to the .bat file you created earlier.

By utilizing these methods, the computer should consistently boot into Zoom with the predefined configuration every time. This will provide a reliable starting point for non-expert users, while still allowing flexibility to make changes during the session if needed.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



A simpler way would be to use Zoom Room profiles:


Zoom Room device profiles allows you to create and save profiles to a room with specific device settings and screen layouts. These profiles can then be applied from the web interface, or from within the settings of the controller. They can also be changed while in a meeting. 

And yes, you can set Microphone, Speaker and Camera .


Device profiles are applied to a room when they are initially selected on the web portal or on a Zoom Rooms controller. If a user makes changes to the Zoom Room settings in or out of meetings, these changes will remain in place. To re-sync the room to the device profile settings, sign out and then back in to the Zoom Rooms application. 


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