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Trying to set up Yealink CP965 as a Zoom Room Controller


Hi, I hope some can help me.


I am trying to sign in to zoom room controller that I installed on to the CP965 using a configuration file found here:


When I run the app it take me to a sign in screen with options to sign in using, email, SSO, google or facebook. However I am told by our admins that I need to sign in using an activation code which they have given me. The activation code has worked on the Zoom Rooms app installed on windows micro desktop and is shows me the the room the activation code refers to. But I just can find how I use the activation code through the ZRC app on the CP965.


I have already update the firmware with the certified custom firmware found here:


Some of the support articles I found on Zoom support also suggest that you can sign in using an activation code but again I cant fine this option. 


What am i doing wrong?



The custom firmware for the Phone that Zoom publishes is only if you're using that device as a conference phone. I haven't seen any custom ZoomRoom firmware for the CP965 (only the CP960, which is going EOS in February, 2024). I'm not sure there is a workaround here, but you should probably share a couple of screenshots. Given that you posted this 2 months ago, and nobody in-house (with Zoom) responded, it likely means this isn't possible without digging in to the API and doing a custom-job on the CP965's coding.

Thanks for the reply, I kind of given up on the post, but is it helps I'll pull together some screenshots. I'll have wait until next week due to a lot of work on


Just saw that they added support for the CP 965 in the newest release. Release notes for Zoom Rooms Android Controller – Zoom Support


Hi Mohamed, Did you get this working on the CP965?


It appears that you can do it in BYOD mode, here's the article I found on Yealink's website. I would contact Zoom support (just in case they know something that we don't) to make sure this will work: Yealink Support


Interesting thread for me.  I have a CP960 and was thinking of upgrading to CP965.  the CP960 works great for us as a Zoom controller and the latest software on the CP960 allows connections to Webex and Teams as well.  I rather not upgrade, but appears it is inevitable next year.  That said, I do not feel Yealink will fully support a Zoom controller for long term on the CP965 and they are promoting heavily their Meeting Bars with tablets as a controller.  Will have to make a decision in January 2024.