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Set up sessions and presenters ahead of time?


I'm setting up a small-scale training event. I want people to be together in the main space for a short time, then move to breakout rooms (participant choice, 2 rooms), then come back together again, 3 times over a day of training.

I would like to be able to set up as much ahead of time as I can, so that there's less scramble on the day. But it seems Zoom limits most admin to be done once the meeting has started, which seems absolutely nonsensical to me. I may be missing something though. Here's what I'd like to do:

- Name the rooms throughout the day (eg, for the 9:00 am session, Room 1 might be "Basics" and Room 2 might be "Intermediate"; for the 12pm session, Room 1 might be "Communications" and Room 2 might be "Program Evaluation", and so on. It doesn't look like I can set my room "schedule" ahead of time, correct?

- Enable screen sharing within each room for the person who will present in each session. Again, it looks like I can only do that once the session has started and people are already in the rooms, is that correct?


Thank you for any help anyone can give me! I have been reading Zoom articles for the last 40 min and just getting more frustrated as none of them address my questions.