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Send invitation to Zoom Room


In the Guide for Connecting to a Microsoft Teams Meeting from a Zoom Room, the following is stated:

Invite a Zoom Room to a Microsoft Teams meeting by forwarding the calendar invitation.
Once the Zoom Room receives the meeting invite, a Join Meeting option will be displayed on the Zoom Rooms controller.

The part "by forwarding the calendar invitation" is what confuses me. Is this depending on the Calendar integration I have for my Zoom Room or is there a way to connect an e-mail to a Zoom Room?

All in all, how do I let my users use a Zoom room to join a MS Teams Meeting?


Note Taker

When you set up the Zoom Room you should have also set up a "calendar" that had an email associated. Alternatively, each room has a hidden email address that may work. You can find it by trying to assign the room as an alternate host. When you type in room name it will display the unique email address.

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You can follow this guide to create the service account and resource accounts for each room.
Guides for Exchange and Google also exist if needed, and can be found on the support site.


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