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Scheduling meetings in shared zoom rooms with google calendar



we have two zoom rooms in our company. What setup is needed for zoom and google calendar, so users can schedule a zoom meeting in one of the zoom rooms automatically, when they select particular resource from the google calendar?

I figured out how to do it with my personal zoom link in google calendar, but I want to get a zoom link from the resource (shared zoom room).


I am an employee, and I want to have zoom link included by default when I schedule an event in a google calendar and I pick in resources one of the rooms connected to zoom.

Thanks very much


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You (or a Google Workspace admin) will need to create room resources on the Google Workspace back-end for your domain/tenant.

Once these are created, you will need to share these (with full 'make changes and manage sharing' access) with a user or service account that can auth and sync with Zoom via Room Management -> Calendar Integration on the Zoom admin side.


From there, all resource calendars that that user / service account has access to should sync to Zoom Rooms and be selectable from a drop-down in each room's settings.


More info here: