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Schedule Webinar in a Zoom Room




I'm struggling to schedule a meeting (web portal) with my webinar zoom account and adding the zoom room.

It should be really simple, but don't find a solution on how to do it.

  • I have a webinal license and I'm logged with it
  • I have a zoom room configured account enabled and working
  • The issue I have is with scheduling.

In simples terms, is like scheduling a meeting for 5 people in the Room 2 of the 4th floor, but one person is remote. I want the others to know the room where is going to happen and they can start the meeting from there, and the remote person will have the link to connect.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

What role will the Zoom Room have in the webinar? Attendee, Alternative Host, or Panelist?


Also, what are you using as your calendar service for the Zoom Room (Google, O365, etc)?


This info will best inform next steps.

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

For me it works when adding Zoom Room as both co-host and as a panelist.
It's also mentioned here: 

I don't know about your setup, but you might want to try do calendar integration (however looking at how quickly webinar join window showed on my ZR console, it's probably not related).


But if that info was misleading and you don't need that to be a webinar, but just a simple meeting, then that's something different. In that case I'd advise you to do calendar integration for sure. When you schedule a meeting in Zoom, Outlook window should pop up. At that point you can either:

  • add e-mail address associated with that Zoom Room as another attendee in your mail invitation (however that would make it less obvious where the meeting will be held)
  • select appropriate room as a Location - but that will only work if you have your Exchange properly configured

I'm assuming there, that you are using Exchange/M365 as your mail/calendar service.