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Restart to share


Hello - 

I'm using an iPad as a controller and an Intel Nuc i7 running Windows 11 to manage a Room. I'm using a Logitech Screen Share to make an in-room PC shareable.

I ran into a new error message today, but was unable to record it verbatim. 

When I tapped "Share Content", the touch panel displayed an error something along the lines of:

unable to share, try restarting your computer


After I restarted my Nuc, everything came back up and I was able to share as expected. 


Has this happened to anyone else?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are you able to reproduce the issue?


I have not had any issues with other Zoom-certified HDMI capture devices (have not used Logitech's) - even if there is an issue detecting the capture card, Zoom will typically present wireless sharing options without a selection for HDMI. If you are able to reproduce this, please send a snapshot!

This was the first time I've seen this error, and honestly, I hope I never do again.  

If it does happen, I will absolutely come back to this thread.