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Rename the Zoom Room


If I have a person being deposed in our Zoom Room, I would like their name to appear in the meeting as "Jane Smith", not "Law Firm Small Conference Room." I am not the host.


I have the Neat Bar with Neat Pads and Zoom Room licenses.


Is there any way to accomplish this on-the-fly, or do I need to go into the Zoom account and rename the room?



@pcvalaw This is a great question. If you want to change the Zoom Rooms Room name there are two ways to do this. 

1. Log into the web portal, navigate to Room Management >Zoom Rooms and find the Room. Then in Room settings for the Room change the name manually. 


2. While in a meeting on the Zoom Room navigate to the "more" menu option>Manage Participants.  From here click on the (...) next to the Room in the participant list and then select "rename". This will allow you to rename the Room just for this meeting. This can only be done while you are in the meeting. 

3. Via API. You can use the "updateRoomProfile" API and change the Name of the Room. You could create an automation using this API to change it on the fly, however, this would be outside of Zoom. Here is a link to the API docs for this.

If these options do not provide a solution please be sure to submit your feedback here