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Questions about CRC licenses and Zoom with Cisco Room Kit


1. How is CRC license consumed? Do we need a CRC license per room device? Or is this assigned to the user who will be hosting the meeting?

2. We have a Cisco Room Kit registered to Webex Control Hub; We purchased a CRC license and enabled calendaring on the Zoom Portal and assigned this as a resource. is the Legacy Connector still required?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @lakeshow 

Our company account subscribes to some CRC licenses, for Cisco Room kit or other video device ( ex, Polycom Group 500).
CRC licenses are not tied to individual terminals; the number of licenses is the number of non-Zoom videoconferencing terminals that can be connected simultaneously across the account.

With the Cisco Room Kit, you can register devices in the H.323/SIP device menu, so you can add them to your contacts and call them easily.




As for question 2, I'm not sure.