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No profile photo when participant turns off camera


We use Zoom with H323/Poly Trio. When any participants turns off their cameras during a meeting a giant camera with a slash icon will appear. The participants have profile photos but they are not showing up. How do we fix it so their user profile photo will appear rather than the no camera icon?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @VATranzit,


There is a way to hide profile pictures, described in this Zoom Support article:


There is a setting in the Security icon called “Hide Profile Pictures” available to meeting hosts. You can check/uncheck that to allow/prevent profile pictures from being shown. 

If you are not the meeting host, you won’t see this. Ask your host about the setting. 

If you are the meeting host and don’t see this menu item on the Security icon, contact your Zoom Admin with the link above. It’s possible they set the setting at the organizational account, group, or individual account level; that article describes the setting and how to change it in that case. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Unfortunately this setting was already off. It appears to be a SIP/Teams problem as it only happens during a SIP/Teams meeting when any user turns off their camera.

what is "SIP/Teams problem"?

We use SIP for room video conferencing in an office conference room environment. It's different than a standard zoom meeting.