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Naming cohosts for meetings


I participate with a small group that does once a week literature readings.  Three of our participants have individual paid Zoom accounts.  We would like to set up a recurring meeting and name 3 zoom account holders as cohosts incase one of the hosts cannot make a particular session.  How do we accomplish this?  When I enter one of the Zoom account holders email addresses as an alternative host, I get this message:  Unable to assign "email listed" as an alternative host because the user cannot be selected at this time.  What am I doing wrong?


Community Champion

Hello @JodyL,


In order to assign an Alternate Host to your meetings so that someone else can start the meeting if the main host is unable to the alternate must be in the same Zoom Account.  If everyone has their own individual accounts that are not all in the same Organization (same Zoom account Portal) you will not be able to assign them as Alternates.

Note the prerequisites in the support article linked below that all users must be licensed users of the same account.



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