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NDI Outputs with Zoom Rooms


Bringing this conversation to the Community channels here in hopes of perpetual access and responses from the Zoom team.

With the launch of NDI for Zoom Rooms, there are quite a few restrictions that seem to have been put in place that, as an event technician, are VERY limiting and cumbersome. While there had been discussions elsewhere, answers were never had. Hopefully we can continue the conversation here.

  1. NDI output quantity is limited to x3 placeholders rather than a perpetual 'always on' or 'toggle for all' meaning that conferences with panel style of more than 2 people and a screen are impossible without multiple rooms joining a call. Needless to say, x3 outputs doesn't even meet the minimum requirements for most conferences.
  2. Screen shares and video signals require re-activating in every instance, including it a participant loses a connection momentarily.
  3. An iPad/Android controller interface is required to be used for ALL enabling of the NDI signals. This is by far not optimal, especially for any live event control. While many previously commented on how they would prefer a web interface, I personally believe it should simply be either built into the existing room admin configuration or better yet, a flag you can associate to a room to ALWAYS allow ALL participants and content sharing to automatically be outputs.
  4. The NDI enabling configuration and ISO audio options are VERY hidden in the web admin portal of the room. This is likely due to wanting to mitigate any issues with privacy, however I believe it should be either a stand-alone installer or a separate application of Zoom Rooms that is dedicated to content producers that does NOT run in kiosk mode. Maybe Zoom Studio? or Zoom Broadcast?
  5. Zoom Rooms runs in Kiosk mode with no ability to touch the taskbar for things like NDI Virtual Webcam which is more than likely included with the toolset used by those using this feature since there is no way of having an NDI ingestion of an external feed.
  6. Have the ability to allow for NDI ingestion as the camera sent out to guests in order to save on CPU load and not requiring external applications mimicking webcams.
  7. Allow for the NDI specification's preview/program tallys for guests. The cued up video signal does have feedback that can be utilized when a signal is being placed in a preview or program feed (based upon application or hardware). This would allow for participants to understand that the feed is coming up or is live. (I'm personally  using a custom comfort monitor but it is limited to showing program out and current participants only, having the frame of the participants zoom window change colour would be both informative and can be a clear indication without being intrusive).
  8. Allow for enabling of stats overtop of the participants in the room window or a popup that would show the incoming stats of the video/audio from them; including but not limited to resolution, fps, bitrate, connection type, stability... This information is available for only 1 guest currently in the main application interface, but we need to know it per guest.
  9. Allow for high quality video priority to the Zoom Room with NDI. Hands down. If you're minimizing the bitrate and resolutions to others to ensure persistent connection, prioritize the Zoom Room client.
  10. With the special case of how and why the NDI output is needed, it would be VERY useful for administrators or production engineers know or even update the camera / mic input. I understand why you don't want the unmute video/audio being controlled by an admin, a request to allow for remote update / control (per call) similar to the one to take control over screen sharing would be a GREAT asset.
  11. Have the grid-view be a possible NDI output both as a video signal as well as audio only. This would allow for easy mix-down of audio feeds for super complex projects by bringing in everybody's audio as a single feed or just an emcee with their signal enabled with the ISO option.

To be clear, some of those ARE NOT my ideas but rather ones I'm bringing forward. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AskMP! Thank you so much for using the Zoom Community! At this time, all feature requests are managed within our submission form. We welcome you to submit your ideas there, where the information will then be passed along to the relevant product team for review. 

Zoom Community Team
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