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Monitoring multiple breakout rooms simultaneously


Is there a legitimate way for the host to monitor multiple breakout rooms simultaneously?


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hello @AllieB 

At the moment there is not a function within Zoom for a host to monitor all their breakout rooms at the same time. It is a current limitation of the design. You have to individually go in to each room to monitor them. I believe this would be a great feature request though, and submitting a request at can place this request on the roadmap. Hope this helps!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@AllieB can you confirm that this answered your question? if so, please mark 'accept as solution' on jdott16's post.  thanks!

Please be sure to mark 'accept as solution' if this answered your question and thanks for using Zoom!

Architect @ Zoom

I would strongly suggest adding an ability for the host to monitor breakout rooms simultaneously on one screen. Class has this ability, but it would be ideal if we could do this on Zoom! I hear the same request from many educators. It is time-consuming to visit each room, and you never know if everybody is working actively in the rooms while the host is not supervising.


I would like to support the request to monitor multiple breakout rooms at the same time.  We have seen this feature with another product and have been hoping to see this as a base feature in Zoom.  With our dependence on Zoom to teach our courses this would be a positive enhancement. 


I wholeheartedly agree! We are piloting zoom this year for our online school and this is a constant request from all staff. It may mean the difference between us sticking with zoom or going with another platform. 


As a teacher who uses the breakout room feature the ability to have each room available for viewing as the host is a critically important feature.