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Meeting length when setting Zoom Room as location




Does anyone know how licensing/meeting length behaves when a basic user uses one of our Zoom Rooms as a location (so the meeting appears on the Zoom Room controller calendar)


So the intention is to have the meeting at the Zoom Room with others connecting in.


Not sure if it makes a difference, but we also have this setting on.

"Make Zoom Rooms the host if it joins before meeting host and other participants"


Or does the meeting have to be initiated by the Zoom Room to use its license?





Actually I think I just saw my answer at


Sure I've read that before and didn't see

"However, if a Basic user schedules a meeting and any paid Zoom Room joins that meeting, whether on your same account or a separate account, the current meeting session will no longer be limited to 40 minutes."


but great, exactly how I wanted to use it to make booking it seamless.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If the meeting is hosted by the BASIC user, then the session will last 40 minutes. If the meeting is hosted by the Zoom Room, it will last 30 hours.

You can schedule a meeting where the Zoom Room is the host, from the web portal, in users as zoom rooms, or from the workspace reservation or from your Zoom Room calendar system.