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Master monitoring room with breakout rooms


I've started giving online group lessons and ended up using another application called Muzie. The reason for this was because I was told when using breakout rooms in Zoom, for me to be able to see every breakout room I would have to get another device per room.


For example, if I have 3 students in a session, put them in to their own breakout rooms, I would then need another 2 devices to keep an eye on each one.


Seems like a silly extra expense.


Does anyone know if there is a master room view in Zoom? One where I could see every room so if a student required assistance I could see it quickly and move to them.


If there isn't one,  why wouldn't the app have one? Wouldn't it make sense as the host to be able to monitor every room at the same time?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Find below options in reference to your use case :

  • Both Host / Co-host can move between breakout rooms  and they both can broadcast message to all breakout rooms as notification / information or support .
  • Participants in breakout rooms can request that the meeting host join their meeting by clicking "Ask for Help" button and as a host you will be prompted to join breakout room for support 

As for the master room view, this option is not available for now but Zoom welcome ideas & requests so please make sure to share it here


This support article covers more information for Managing Breakout Rooms , here


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