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Join zoomgov meeting from zoom room


Today we tried to join a meeting hosted by a courthouse that has a zoomgov account.


Upon entering the meeting ID from the Zoom Room we received Error 100068000


We were able to join the meeting by clicking the link from a laptop. For what it's worth, the laptop was connected to the same network as the Zoom Room.


Is this expected behavior?


If so is there any way to provide the capability to join meetings host by zoomgov customers from our Zoom Rooms, preferably without ruining anything else?



Zoom did have the option to join ZoomGov meetings from (commercial cloud). It is possible this option was disabled. You can try change Zoom cloud for your ZR from (default option) to  Zoom for Government and then sign in into a ZoomGov meeting. 

thanks avs, I forgot to close the loop on this... turns out that data decryption at our FW level was interfering