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Investigating NDI


I have updated Rooms to 5.8.0 and enabled NDI in the Room configuration and confirmed that it is set for the particular room we're using for testing.


According to the NDI setup guide we should see a Live On NDI tab on the Change View button on the controller for the room, but we don't.  Any help would be appreciated!


Note Taker

Not sure if this could be the cause, but what are you using for your Zoom Room controller? The requirements suggest the controller needs to be on version 5.7.0 or higher as well as the Zoom Room app.

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Got it solved, it was two things, need to use Android or iOS as the room controller, doesn't work with web or the logitech TAP controller (which I assume is really just a web controller in practice).  And had to open the firewall for a specific .exe to get NDI to stream from the Zoom Room.  Everything is working well now though, and thanks for the reply!