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Integration of Zoom Room with Google calendar resource


We are exploring the option of moving some of our online resources onto Google, but it is *crucial* for us that we are able to have sufficient administrative control of the Google user accounts, that we can create 'calendar resources' for users and integrate them with Zoom Rooms.
I've been unable to get any help from Google themselves to enable us to make a decision - absolute silence on the matter: can someone please advise what level of Google (Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus) we would need in order to fulfil this requirement? Thank you.


Note Taker

Hi ssh_itmanager,


I have only dealt with Google for education, but any plan should give you access to the G-suite admin console which is needed for creating resources. If you look at the descriptions of their plans the Business Starter edition is the only one that lists "Administrative Controls", which hints to me that they all share the same capability.  Here is a good side-by-side comparison of Google's plans. Once you have decided on a plan you can find instructions on how to create Zoom Room calendar resources here.


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That's fantastic - thank you. Gives us a starting point!