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Inquiry re: VDI Mass Deployment


After talking to our CSM, decided to bring this here while Zoom support looks at it too...


If you use Zoom VDI (on any platform), how have you been managing your deployments?

We're specifically interested in how you're managing deployment of the plugin to physical devices off your network


Like most companies, in response to the pandemic our users took their devices home. We now have 975+ laptops being used everywhere. Being off network, we can't automate deployments like we used to. Thankfully we were able to configure SCCM + CMG to provide a "self-service" solution, and with most things it works great. With Zoom VDI it gets tricky because you have to update the plugin and the VDI client. So far we've been able to make it work, but in our industry (AEC), time is important. It's not ideal to ask our users to take time out of their day to install an update on their physical, and on their VDI - especially when we all know technology doesn't work 100% as it should 100% of the time. It's simply NOT feasible to maintain - especially when the "9-month version requirement" is re-instated by Zoom.


Ultimately this is going to be an issue for ALL companies who have remote users on VDI, and it needs to be asked...

How have you been managing off-network deployment of the plugin?

How are you planning to manage it when the "9-month version requirement" is re-instated?