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Hybrid meeting


Is there any features that support a hybrid meeting? Before Covid  our group met in a room with round tables with 4-5  persons/table. To hold a hybrid meeting,  I was thinking that I can purchase a tablet computer for each table running zoom as would the remote user.  The host laptop would then be attached to a data projector or large flat-screen tv and I would position a few video cams around the room.  As you all know, that would not work because of the audio feedback.  Zoom developers can fix this problem by inventing an "in-person" room group. For example, the the host would assign devices to be part of the "in-person" group.  Zoom would treat the audio of all the devices in the group as a single device.  ie. Just as the sound picked up by an individual device does not play back the sound through its own speaker,  Zoom would not play back any sound, originating in the "in-person" group, back to any other device in the group.  

Anyone with other suggestions.



I am new to using Zoom rooms and was surprised this was not already a feature.  For our in-office meetings, we typically have a 4-5 people in a room, each with there own laptop/surface.  I was under the impression that if we started the meeting from the controller (Poly Trio), all other devices present would have their audio disabled as to avoid the feedback. We also have a few people who work remotely and need to join the Zoom meetings with the others in the room. 

From what I have pieced together, I need to have all employees physically in the Zoom room disconnect their audio to use the Trio as the speaker/mic.  While it sounds simple, it’s been a challenge.  A hybrid setting, or the ability the feature to automatically disconnect laptop audio if joining in a room with dedicated audio would ease the adoption.