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How do I unmute waiting room from security while in a meeting it is muted?


I changed some settings and for the life of me can't seem to find a way to unmute the waiting room when I'm in a meeting. I have the waiting room set up, and once meeting starts I don't want to have to manually let people in so used to click "Enable Waiting Room" on the security tab?


What do I do to get it back online working?


Thank you




Hey Natalie, you should be able to admit all attendees in the waiting room in one go. Select Participants, followed by Admit All. You can also chat with those in the waiting room if that feature in enabled. However, I don't believe you can speak with anyone in the waiting room.

Hi Toby,

So appreciate your reply. Not what I was looking for though, direct result of my question not being clear.  I used to be able to disable the waiting room once I started admitting people, so I would not have to manually admit (one at time or all at once) after I started the meeting in my private room. It is not a webinar it is a meeting. I would simply go to the security tab and disable waiting room, so people who were late were not distracting me while presenting. Hope this makes sense. I've played in the settings under security, but for the life of me can't seem to make it work, it simply is muted faded, so something needs to be fixed in the setting. 🙂


Hopefully these steps work for you:
Enable or disable Waiting Room during a meeting

  1. As the meeting host, click Participants
  2. Click More and choose Enable Waiting Room to enable or disable the feature.

Otherwise it's possible that your Zoom Admin has locked the waiting room feature to on. If so, it would usually display 'Locked by Admin' when reviewing your settings.


Hey, @nstrat22 –


You can’t unmute a Waiting Room. There is One-Way Chat with a Waiting Room. Similar concept, but very different – it’s one-way, from the Host to the Waiting Room attendees only. 


See this Zoom Support article on Waiting Rooms in general, and the specifics of Waiting Room Chat:

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
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