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Google Meet Interoperability not working on only one room


I have 60 rooms running Zoom and we have turned on the Google Meet interoperability and for the most part have received a positive experience. However, I have one room that the functionality was working in but now does not. Nothing in the room has changed. We are running a mini-pc with iPad for a controller. Both have 5.14.5 running on them. The invitation shows up, the join button is there, it acts like it wants to connect, flashes white on the main monitor for second and then nothing. If you are signed into Zoom on the virtual controller in device management you will see a connecting to Google and then a spinning. 


I have rebooted and system, downgraded the application and nothing seems to help. Any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are you running the same hardware (exact same mini PC) in the other rooms that are working for Google Meet joins via Zoom Rooms?

Is there any network discrepancy between this room and the others?


FYI the interop for Teams and Meet is based on a portable Chromium browser baked into the ZR install.