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Disable "Reserve" button on iPad Zoom Room Scheduler


At my facility, we have iPad minis mounted in MagTarget enclosures mounted outside the Zoom rooms that display what meetings are scheduled in its respective room for the day.  Reservations for the Zoom rooms are done via Outlook.  Also, each iPad Zoom room scheduler allow users to reserve its respective Zoom room for an ad-hoc meeting when the Zoom room is available.


My question is as follows:  Is there a way to disable the "Reserve" option on the iPad Zoom room scheduler so that one could not reserve its respective Zoom room using that device? 


I tried looking in the Zoom admin portal for that option, and I don't believe I was able to find where the "reserve the room on the scheduler" option could be turned off.  Basically, I would want the ability to make the Zoom Room scheduler show only the meetings reserved via Outlook.


Thank you.



Did you try disabling the Instant Room Reservation setting underneath the Scheduling Display tab?

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 1.43.43 PM.png