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Content Share only playing Voice audio and "Echo Cancelling" Music


I am an AV integrator and we have deployed a Zoom Room system for a client.  We are experiencing a weird issue when content sharing.  The topology is as follows: Clickshare device (or computer if you will) to a Magewell HDMI to USB capture device.  USB from that device to a Zoom Rooms PC.  This delivers the content source to zoom rooms to share.


When we go to youtube and play a video, the ad plays audio perfectly fine (since it is voice audio).  When it plays anything with music, it allows the voice to play but cancels out the music in the background.  We haven't been able to track down what is the cause.



We have verified that all audio is working perfectly fine through any channel we are trying to output out of EXCEPT zoom sharing.


Everything plays normally unless we share through zoom, then the music is cancelled out.


We have Zoom Room versions (5.10.6) where we do not experience this issue at all.