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Conference room licensce


Dear, in our company we have license that include 50pcs "Enterprise Named Host" and 3pcs "Conference Room Connector". How to find where we spent those 3 "Conference Room Connector" license and assign it to some other device? Because in Zoom room field said - "There are no devices". What should I do to assign license to a new device for Zoom meeting. We are planning to use Neat Board device.

Error Code: You have used all of your Zoom Rooms licenses, please go to Billing to purchase more licenses.

Device type: Neat Board

Zoom version:

Details about troubleshooting steps you have already taken: Add the license



Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner


You have to differentiate two things:


- Conference Room Connector (CRC) license is used for H.323/SIP endpoints (not a native Zoom Rooms) joining your Zoom meetings. You can check CRC port usage in dashboard. 

Those are used only during calls and are returned to license pool when device disconnects. So CRC licenses are not attached to any particular device.


- Zoom Rooms - licenses are attached when you create a Zoom Room and choose what type of device you want it to be. You can find it here: 

You can also have a look at Users tab (

Zoom Rooms have names starting with "rooms_(.....)" and are created automatically, when you add a Zoom Room account mentioned in previous link. I don't think that you should really touch that, but it may give you some more ideas where those licenses are.