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Cloud recording for booked meeting in room




1- I cannot record my (via the calendar) booked meeting  with the room controller.

The room is licensed, even my user is licensed (we have a lot of basic users and they should be able to record)


Instant meetings (via controller) and booked meetings via scheduler can be recorded with controller.

2- The recording requires an email address (to send the link) and accepts any email. We need to limit it to our organization's emails.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Jfr


 This sounds like you should be using calendaring resources for your Zoom Rooms (if that is what you are using) where any user (basic or licensed) can use an event in the calendar to invite the Zoom Room (conferencing room) to the scheduled Zoom meeting and this will elevate the meeting to a pro licensed level for the basic user. 


The user can then use room controls or in-meeting controls to record the meeting to the cloud server. 


This article should get you going in the right direction if you are not already familiar with it.




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Hi @YaBoiB,


We use Google Calendar, but when the licensed user has booked the room, recording by controller is possible.
1- We need it for any meeting in rooms.

2- For the meetings booked by Controller (Scheduler or Instant), we have to restrict recipients of link to our organization e -mails.