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Causes for Zoom Rooms Unpairing from Controller


I was wondering what some possible causes would be for Zoom Rooms desktops unpairing from a Zoom Room Controller?


We have a client that has multiple Zoom Rooms, and occasionally their controller (on the Zoom Room app on an iPad) will get unpaired from the Zoom Rooms desktop app on a Windows 10 machine, without them doing anything to intentionally/manually unpair it.


Whenever this happens, the only way that works to re-pair them is to get the Activation code for the room re-generated from the Zoom Rooms Admin Portal and to type that in on the iPad app.


So I was wondering if there were a list of known causes for unpairings.  The workstation gets restarted every night, so it is unlikely that restarts, for example, would be the cause.






This started happening more often recently. I write down the six letter Pairing code before I start the day and I can re-enter the same code whenever I get disconnected.

It was more stable when you had two apps open- your user account and the Zoom Room account in a separate app. When the Zoom Room app moved to be a tab of the user account, it drops more often and it also closes the Participant list and the chat window



I've noticed this about 3 weeks ago and found that under Room Settings in the Admin page, a setting to restart the device every Saturday was turned on. It's been happening for 3 weekends, and in each occurrence, the Last Connection noted it was between 1:00 am - 6:00 am, just as the Zoom documentation says the time frame for the restart will happen for this scheduled restart feature. I turned it off today, so I'll see if it happens again next Monday.


Update 2023-11-29

As a result of turning off the scheduled restart feature, the system didn't restart over the weekend, so the Zoom Rooms Controller on the iPad remained paired. Zoom Support recommended that we update the Zoom Rooms Windows application, so I upgraded it from 5.15.5 to 5.16.10 and then re-enabled the scheduled restart option. I'll check in next week on the results.


Update 2023-12-04

Upgrading the Zoom Rooms Windows application to the latest version did not fix the issue with it unpairing from the iPad and not coming back online after the weekly scheduled restart occurred. Zoom support was notified and I am waiting for a response.

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

Open a ticket with Zoom support and try to search for root cause of this problem. That way you might be able to fix it permanently 😉