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Can't Set Zoom Room Background


I've read through the different posts about setting a virtual background for a Zoom Room, but none of the suggestions have worked.  I've read the resource guides, and have the necessary hardware, etc. so please don't direct me to those links.

I have a Zoom Room set up (I have admin rights), I've uploaded the desired background image (that meets the requirements).  The Zoom Room is running from my laptop and the Room Controller is my iPad.  When I start the Zoom Room, my uploaded background briefly displays then goes away.  On my iPad I start the Zoom Room, and then when I turn on my camera my uploaded image is not my background, just the my room behind me.  How can I fix this so the main Zoom Room camera will have virtual background?



I have the same problem... with an  Intel® Core™ i5-L16G7...

And is always the same answer...