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BREAKOUT ROOMS - candidates becoming automatically unassigned


I preassigned candidates into 7 breakout rooms.  It all worked as it should.  After a breakout room session, candidates were recalled back to the main meeting.  When I opened the breakout rooms again, about half of the candidates became unassigned so I had to manually assign everyone again.  Sometimes the breakout rooms were opened and everyone was assigned a room but about 4 occasions, when I opened the rooms, many had automatically lost their assignated room.  Any ideas why this happened?  Was it Zoom?  Thank you.  Karen.



We are experiencing the same thing, but we manually create b/o rooms during the meeting. This has been going on for about two weeks now. After assigning participants to breakout rooms and then returning to main, those assignments are randomly forgotten. To-recreate:
1. manually assign participants to b/o room
2. send to b/o room
3. return to main 
4. b/o assignments are randomly unassigned (some remain in b/o, some become unassigned)
5. manually RE-assign participants to b/o rooms
6. send to b/o room
7. return to main 
8. b/o assignments are randomly unassigned AGAIN (and different people are unassigned)
9. repeat process over and over and over

We send to b/o rooms regularly during a meeting and this defect makes it super inefficient.


Experiencing the same problem!

Hi everyone,


I am so relieved to read that it is not me or our computer.  Last night, the same thing happened.  We were running a Zoom quiz and about half of the participants became unassigned.  Does anyone have a solution?  Thanks.  Karen



I've been experiencing the same issue. Specifically, if I set the countdown to 15 seconds.