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Anyone gotten the DTEN Go/Mate yet?


The DTEN Go and Mate just came out and I got mine in yesterday. 


It seems so far like a pretty great deal on a Zoom Rooms device.  The main unit and Go tablet together are $1299, but they do also recommend getting the dock for the tablet for an additional $100.  That's an amazing price for a Zoom Rooms appliance.  Everything you need comes with it--the camera unit has Zoom Rooms guts in it just like the Neat Bar and Poly Studio, so you just plug it into a TV and it's good to go.


The things I don't like about it are that it doesn't have a speaker (unless I'm mistaken), and you need to either use a 3.5mm audio out jack in the back for an external speaker, or have a TV that supports audio over the HDMI cable to play through the TV speakers.  Also, the tablet doesn't work like most Zoom Rooms tablets.  It actually constantly mirrors what's on the TV, and it does this wirelessly.  This is kinda cool because it means the tablet doesn't need a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection--it connects to its Go unit on its own network.  But it also means that the tablet is a bit slow--there's a lag between when you tap something and when it updates on screen.  Typing text into chat is a painful experience.  Hopefully a future update will improve this.


I mentioned the tablet doesn't use the standard Zoom Rooms interface--it actually instead uses the Zoom Rooms for Touch interface.  Which you might be familiar with if you ever used Zoom Rooms on a touchscreen TV.  I feel that it would be much better if it used the regular interface on the tablet, or at least gave the option to rather than forcing it to mirror the TV using Zoom Rooms Touch.  The standard Zoom Rooms interface is much more user friendly.  Maybe that will come with an update, who knows.


All things considered I feel it's a great deal for a hardened Zoom Rooms appliance, and it has worked for me well so far in two days of testing (despite the slowness and the no-speaker issue).  I support Zoom Rooms at my company, and I will probably continue getting Neat Bars for my offices for the most part.  But the Go seems a good option for office directors who balk at the $2500 pricetag and demand a cheaper option to put Zoom in their conference rooms.  $1299 is much easier for some offices to swallow.


Very curious to know other people's thoughts, so please let me know if you got one already or are thinking about it.




We have a demo unit from DTEN. They have made signifcant progress to bring the device to 

There are a few issues which will be fixed by DTEN going forward. DTEN Go uses a tv speaker via hdmi output to deliver sound.

Virtual background is not supported with ZoomRoom in personal mode.

There is no analog input on DTEN GO or USB port for external microphone, however Bluetooth might be offered as an option in the future. For now only built-in mic can be used which limits the use case for DTEN Go to huddle  and small conf rooms. The reliable pick-up range for the built-in mic is approx 6-8 feet from DTEN Go (the max documented pickup range for camera is 32ft and for mic is 50ft we were not able to test these).

No option to reply to ZoomChat messages (this is more an issue with ZoomRoom application itself on Andriod)

Dialing out to a PSTN is not fully supported yet for ZoomRoom in personal mode.

No hdmi input.

DTEN GO can be only paired with DTEN Mate. DTEN Mate does not have table charger yet, so would need to be charged with USB cable.

When powering of DTEN Mate , DTEN GO does not get to shutdown and there is no power button for that. Just need to pull the power cable from the unit. The unit size is ideal to carry it around from room to room. 

Let me know if you have any additional questions I can answer for you via a private chat.





Hmm, with my demo unit, there is a power button on the back of the Go tablet.  But, it doesn't work properly.  Holding it down gives you the option to shut down or restart.  But, if the power cable is plugged in, even if you select "Shut Down", it powers down and then boots right back up.  When the cable is unplugged, then the shut down does work properly.  Hopefully they'll fix that soon as well.

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hello,How do you procure Neat and DTEN?

I got mine from




Some feedback of my experience:

It is a (very)  cheap solution to transform a room already equipped with display unit into a Zoom Room
I acquired 2 devices for testing purpose a few weeks ago.

I experienced a lot of  mirroring issues between the Go and Mate while on WiFi. I got great support from DTEN , they pushed  a preview firmware version to my devices, to better handle 2.4GHz Wifi. Meanwhile it has been released in production.

When I fist tested, I was cough by surprise, audio was not working until I realized there isn't any speaker in the devic, you need to connect to a display/TV with speaker you can't use a large monitor without.

The touch tablet creates a wouah effect with users,

Before expanding the solution in my enterprise the remote administration using Orbit needs to be enhanced , currently their isn't much you can do.