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Allowing Gallery View on multiple displays




I am configuring a Zoom Room for a multi-purpose conference space which can utilize up to 3 displays (depending on the use case).


When using two displays, I can configure both displays to use Gallery View when there are 3 or more participants.




However, when using three displays, I can only configure one display to use Gallery View when there are 2 or more participants (see below).





Is there a reason why I cannot configure multiple display to use Gallery View when using 3 displays?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @WayneT ,


When there are fewer people than that there are displays, the Gallery View on all screens is not an option because the more optimal view would be one user per display in full screen.   As your user count exceeds your display count such as 4+ users in a 3 display room, then you can put Gallery on all of them or use a couple for individuals and others for Gallery.


Does this help explain the logic on what options you see when?  If not let me know and we can dig in further.


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Hi @Dan_ZoomSE ,


Thanks for the reply. Yes, the logic makes sense. I can see how this will create an optimal view for a meeting participants.


However, is it possible to enable the Gallery View on all displays to cater for unique solutions/scenarios?


In my case, I have a presenter at a lectern (in front of the room) facing and presenting to the crowd. In this room configuration, 3 displays are used,

  • A primary projector at the front of the room
  • An overflow projector for people seated at the back of the room
  • An in-built display on the lectern for the presenter


I want to create an immersive feeling by allowing the crowd to view all meeting participants on both projectors.

The presenter can also view all meeting participants by looking down at the lectern instead of turning their head to face the projector.


Hope that makes sense.




I haven't checked if this has been resolved by Zoom so I could be out of date, but if this is a one-time thing or infrequent occurrence, I would put a DA in your video signal chain to show the gallery view in 2 places at once. Zoom would just think there are 2 displays.